Say that Then!!

Are we instilling fear in Black Youths?

Being a mother of three young black men growing up in a society where they are seen merely by their color. Not their academic achievements, character or their connections with community activities. BLACK! is all that is seen. They are automatically “set up for failure” according to societies lack of value for the black man.images I try my hardest to stay out of political conversations and even racial conversations if I can help myself. I stay connected with the news and racial issues that go on today, Even taking into consideration  the racial prejudice I have experienced myself. I ask myself have we as parents made our children fearful of things in the world? Have we conditioned our sons and daughters to believe that they should not challenge authority. Even in the appropriate manners  in order to DEMAND proper treatment and equality? It saddens me to see mothers having conversations with their sons and telling them basically to allow officers or others in power positions to talk to them in any manner and not to question things or not even to defend themselves when necessary!  Is this right? Are we the cause of why our black men continue to die senselessly at the hands of officers because these officers, judges and lawyers are aware of the fact that we are born fearful and not properly educated on our rights ! Is it right a mother has to fear for her sons life every time he walks out the door? Is it right that I fear for my sons ,brothers and the fathers of my children when I cant reach them or they aren’t in my presence ?

Why are we not finding ways to have conversations with our youth that educate them on the laws and rights they have as a citizen. Evil is known to feed of fear and why should we fear who is meant to protect us?download (1) There should be an open dialogue with our black youth. Informing them that their lives matter just as much as anyone else. That they have the same rights to complain to anyone who will listen about our treatment and reform in our communities.It should be normal  for young black individuals to walk around and feel safe when being confronted by an officer. Not fear they will die reaching for their wallet for identification or cell phone. WE have to learn to stand up and fight back without the violence and rioting in our own communities. That behavior is expected of us and we have to choose better solutions in order for our voices to be heard and taken seriously. We have to stop killing one another out of anger for what people in power do to us. It starts in our own homes ; the education of law and how it is executed . We must band together to take a stand. Teach our sons and daughters that if they feel something isn’t right they should speak on it. Shed light on mistreatment and follow through.ebm Nothing can be changed unless we teach properly how to stand in our own skin, be proud and stop conditioning ourselves that nothing will be done in our defense. We are the ones standing in the way of how we are treated. WE are the ones who have to make people respect us, our children , our women and our communities. It starts with us. Raising three sons. I educate them on whats right and wrong, and how to talk to people in power positions, ask questions of they are unsure and if they aren’t given an answer they are OK with research the answer and then ask the questions again and again so they are allowing people to know they are an EDUCATED force to be reckoned with !

We have to hold one another up and allow our children to know that there is nothing wrong with questioning things they do not feel is correct. They need to be able to open up and talk to us and demand respect simply as human beings! To understand that we all bleed the same red blood and the color of our skin does not bring our value down just because someone else believes that about us ! WE need to address how we are treated based on our social-economic status and how we conduct ourselves in situations that could potentially make or break how we are viewed. The goal is to break down the stereotypical barriers.

I only hope to light the bulb in our brains that allows us to accept our role in the things happening around us and hope that we come together to so whats right by our children and ourselves!

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