Recently I was asked a question regarding my ability to remain positive in the midst of ” the storm” , and how was I able to post and blog about things that are so helpful to others when I go through my own problems daily. My response was pretty easy ! I told the person I remained as positive as I could because it was the very thing that kept me going . I am able to speak to others from my own experience and on topics that I feel I needed to touch on. In order to recognize the things in my life that I struggle with, and needed to work on.  Then as the day went on I thought about it more and more and asked myself was this my way of covering up things I go through , or was in reality really helping me in my personal struggles !

In my mind speaking on what bothers me personally are things that make me feel better or getting feed back better helps me understand maybe I’m NOT ” crazy ” for feeling the way I feel or I’m NOT always ” wrong ” ! It’s okay for me to express myself through open outlets where I’m allowed to be open and free to receive healing . I know , I know ; it seems so easy to pick a topic and write about it but in all honesty it takes a lot to share personal stories and flaws with others because the fear of judgement. When writing my book I just wrote and wrote until I couldn’t anymore. Then I went back and read everything I had written and thought ” holy shit, is this too much  or too real for people”?

The truth is why not be real ? or why not say the things that most people get shunned for speaking about ! We are all conditioned in this generation that it’s better to hide how we feel and things that we go through because the fear of judgement !


WHO GIVES A FUCK !!  My testimony isn’t a badge of weakness it’s the reason i’m here ! My bad days , my tears  and insecurities ! They are the reason I am able to speak to others and tell them so openly my life and admit that I am no where near perfect but working at a pace healthy for ME!! I see so many people on social media crying out for help or looking just for a listening ear and there’s always a naysayer ” why would they put their business out there like that or why would they put it on Facebook and blah blah ” BUT I’ve noticed that those same people eat up the blogs and tabloids when Jay-Z cheats on Beyonce or Fabulous beats up his girlfriend ! Its OK then for peoples business to be on front street . You cant put stipulations on the “gossip” or cries for help that your willing to hear. I know for damn sure that i’m tired of people not being able to get the words of encouragement they are needing or being looked down upon for the outlets that they choose to take in order to seek help ! We all fall short sometimes of helping others and we all have our bad days. I am one person who has chosen to use m platform and following in order to be someone positive to others because my goal in life has been to change someone else in the best way that I can.


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