Say that Then!!


I find it easier said then done to create healthy boundaries in life and relationships when there are deep emotions attached ! The friend that uses us and the lover giving bare minimum ! Deep down we know what we need to be happy and healthy in spirit and that is the reason for boundaries . By telling your friends” no ” , sometimes doesn’t make you a bad person. It allows your friends to know the limits on your friendship and  they cant bleed you dry for all that you have. Especially if the friendship has become all about what you can do for them . Laying down what you need to a lover and expecting them to meet your expectations isn’t nagging or bitching .



Its simply saying ” I need these things to be happy and I need for you to make changes in these area in order for the relationship to work ” and STICKING TO THEM ! We have to learn to be firm in our beliefs and boundaries because it’s the only way someone will take us seriously . WE know what makes us happy and how we want to be treated and boundaries teach others how.  Take the time to make sure that your boundaries are being respected in order for you to get all that your looking for out of life, love and friendships !

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