Say that Then!!


I have spoken in sort of a polished tone on my last blogs but today hits home for me ! Its something that I am very passionate about and something that I have experienced myself ! There are so many women  who endure sexual assault and harassment and the outcome is always the same ! The woman gets blamed for what ever has happened to her and the assailant walks away with a slap on the wrist or a warning from those in positions to handle the situation ! Sexual Assault can come from either sex and be directed the same .  It needs to be acted on immediately and actions should be taken .Predators need to understand that this is serious and they need to be punished appropriately. No one should have to fear going to my work place because someone feels the need to make sexual advances at me to the point they are physically touching me . No one should  have to dress like a nun because some man with raging hormones is unable to control himself from touching me inappropriately .  My choice of clothing is NOT and invitation to be touched. If I agree to a date that is NOT an invitation for sex nor does that mean force the act either ! There are so many  women who suffer in silence from sexual abuse because they are ashamed and afraid that no one will believe them and that the police or work place protocols will not protect them !



The laws need to be reformed and the people around a sexual assault victim should be helping the survivor get the correct help and tell the correct authorities. This is something that needs to be taken seriously . Its so upsetting to be a victim of sexual assault as child and an adult and allow predators to walk free because of my fear of shame ! But not anymore, I’m here , I survived and I’m here to give those people a voice who are afraid . SPEAK UP, SPEAK OUT and BE AWARE !!


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