Say that Then!!

Take a STAND


The subject of bullying is a sensitive subject for me but a subject that needs to be continuously spoken upon. As a teenager in high school I was bullied by girls. I could never understand why. I had all the latest clothing and I was apart of the “in crowd” and was very involved in my studies. I got made fun of for not being what other students felt was good enough by their standards. The end result was me becoming a bully and hurting others to somehow reflect what I was feeling inside onto others so that the pain I endured would somehow stop.  It made me angry and I resulted to becoming physical in order to defend myself. Until one day I stopped and asked myself what was I getting out of belittling others? and what was I getting out of being violent ? I had become the people who tormented me. I made the decision to leave high school and go to home studies in order to separate myself from things and people who had nothing better to do then hurt people. I made it a point to become a person others can talk to , have someone they trust and to stand up for people who are/have experienced bullying. Its imperative that us as individuals , parents, teachers, friends and even strangers come together to be loving to one another.

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