Support !

Over the years I have not had much support in the things that meant the most to me. I’ve had many dreams and aspirations that I’ve given up on because I felt less then capable. The lack of support or negativity surrounding my goals and dreams often held me back from what was most important to me and the things that made me happy as a individual. I’ve always supported those around me and I never ask for much in return. Now at a time in my life I have finally found the courage to fulfill my purpose I don’t feel the support I should from the people I thought I could count on. I say that to say this; never let the lack of support or encouragement for your life’s aspirations hold you back from what makes you truly happy. When you look in the  mirror and your proud of yourself and content in your spirit that’s the only thing that matters. Make a plan for your goal and find a way to work toward it daily.

4 thoughts on “Support !

  1. I am beyond happy for you and you accomplishments. The title really brings the attention to the book alone. The sky is the limit!

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  2. I’m so happy and proud I have seen you grow so much this past year and I’m glad to call you my friend I will always be on the sideline rooting for you to win from the bottom of my heart I’ll always support you in whatever you do I love you friend you go girl #girlboss

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    1. Thank you for your continued support I appreciate it so much ! And thank you for being apart of my journey WE MADE IT !! I love you for being such an amazing friend and pushing me to continue to move forward


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