Welcome to Written By Vontress. This space was created to showcase my Published work give the voiceless a voice and provide my readers with a sense of normalcy when it comes to Authors.

My Debut Poetry book “Rose Petals Under a Reaper’s Robe ”
was released on July 6th 2018. I have been so humbled by the positive feedback I have gotten from family, friends and even strangers. I am amazed to know that my heart and soul was put into words and it has helped other women in such positive ways. I only hope to continue to perfect my craft.

Vontress R. Ortega

Since the release of my first Poetry installment. I released three others to follow in its footsteps. It gave me the confidence to learn the publishing process and I self- published my fifth book. “The Sun Under a Night Sky.” The overwhelming feeling of knocking out a a series of five books in two years time and having such an uplifting response to my work has confirmed that I have found my purpose.. It has helped me to realize that I am capable of so much and the sky is the limit.

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